Thursday, November 11, 2010

puan jamilah.

abang suara macho : 'permohonan adik tidak dapat diterima'.
budak uitm yg mengharapkan nak dapat sambung law, tp sbb muet band 3, pergi mintak uia : *terkejut, tersentap* 'ape dia?'
abang suara macho : 'adik ni dari sarawak kan? nur aziemah abdul amit?'
budak uitm yg mengharapkan nak dapat sambung law, tp sbb muet band 3, pergi mintak uia : 'ha ah, saya' 
abang suara macho : 'permohonan adik tidak dapat diterima, nanti abang sambungkan dgn Pn. *x ingat dah nama dia ape* untuk keterangan lanjut. 
*tangan dah menggeletar dah sebab cuak campur kecewa campur terpinga pinga*
budak uitm yg mengharapkan nak dapat sambung law, tp sbb muet band 3, pergi mintak uia : 'hello salam. ye, saya nak tanya pasal status permohonan saya.'
Puan Jamilah*bukan nama sebenar* : 'adik punya cgpa 3.48 kan? minimum 3.5 dik. sebab tu xdapat, kalau nak buat rayuan boleh, cuma takut nanti jawapan dia sama.
budak uitm yg mengharapkan nak dapat sambung law, tp sbb muet band 3, pergi mintak uia : 'tapi xde plak dalam requirement dia nak 3.5 untuk cgpa puan.dalam website IIUM pun nak 3.0 minimum, macam mana puan boleh cakap minimum dia 3.5, saya apply untuk law puan, bukan medic.'
Puan Jamilah *nama betul ni x silap laa. tetiba teringat balik* : *tetiba gelak. mana entah lawaknya*'itulah, kami pun terpaksa buat keputusan macam ni sebab terlalu ramai permohonan, jadi kena pendekkan list permohonan tu.'
budak uitm yg mengharapkan nak dapat sambung law, tp sbb muet band 3, pergi mintak uia : *dengan perasaan bercampur baur* ' baiklah puan terima kasih. assalamualaikum.'

sabar sabar sabar. Allah tarik satu perkara yang hamba Dia nak, insya Allah Dia akan gantikan dengan yang lebih baik. amin amin amin :')

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

clef and key.

when everybody starts to grow up
they tend to be an asshole
well, you dont have to tell me and show up,
cause you just come and give me a hassle.

dear love, if im not written in your wish list
will you be mine when the winner sleeps?
can i be in your way for a while?
can i get in the back seat and hide? 

love, im ten thousand miles from you.
my sky is black when yours is blue
and you just steal my broken faith
and put it together back again.
youre cheating on weather with me.
now honey, i sing a song that i wrote for you
put a hundred melodies that sound so blue
will you stop steal the rain from me 
that washed it all together
cause i love you just like fever gone cold

but baby,

i've got doubts i cant even count
i've got songs that stall when i start
i've got nightmares about waking up
i've got leaders i never consult

i've got a wintering heart in a lead cup
i've got black bones wrinkling
i've got walls, and walls, and walls

i've got friends i only insult
i've got so many people i need to call
i've got no good news and a fatal disease
i've got true things that come back corrupt

i've got bad manners, i never say please.

so, its up to you now.
because this place is starting to fill up with smoke
you wont let me breath in or out.
so i resolve to cut my throat.

cause when the faithless eulogy is done,
i cant keep you down,
no one can.
and i hope to see the bones beneath the stare of your eyes the day i die. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

feeling of a song


  • Put your itunes or iPod on shuffles.
  • For each question, press the next button and the title of the song is your answer.
  • You must write the song name down, no matter how silly it sounds.
  • Put any comments in (bracket) after the song name.

Let's start it,

Describe yourself.
somebody to love. (errr. okay)

What do people feel when they're around you?
billionaire. (damn im RICH :D)

Describe your current relationship.
need you now. ( this game is going to hurt me. =.=" )

Where would you like to be now?
chasing cars. ( errrr. HAHA. )

How do you feel about love?
my love will get you home. (i WISH.)

What is your life like?
mercy. ( yes. i need the angle of mercy. cause my life isnt doing good to me lately. )

What would you wish for if you only had one wish?
secrets. ( i want to know the secrets of each and everyone that i love. yeahh x) )

Say something wise.
like a g6( that is so not WISE enough. :D )

How would you describe yourself?
no other. ( THATS TRUE. there is aint no other like me. NEVER :)) )

What do you look for in a guy?
just the way you are. ( i just want the one to be himself. dont ever try to be perfect yea. i am perfectly imperfect. so i dont mind :) )

How do you feel today?
lolli pop that body. ( sounds very wierd. HEHE )

What's your life purpose?
breakeven. (i'll make sure that when i broke up, the heart will breakeven. NOT. =.=" )

What is your motto?
heartbeat. ( yea. continue to live even if the baddest thing will happen. as long as i have my own heartbeat )

What do your friends think of you?
just a dream. ( im their nightmare. damn )

What do your parents think of you?
rock star 101 ( i know, mom, dad. HAHA. )

What do you think about very often?
never gone. ( in my heart is where you are, even if you always fart when youre calling me, on the phone. :'D )

What do you think about your best friends?
for the first time. ( yes. with you girl, everything is the first time. :') )

What do you think about the person you like?
misery. ( he IS. kentut je memanjang x) *okay xde point. i miss you laa gilaa. )

What is your life story?
everywhere i go. ( life begins every place i that i go)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
terrified. ( of being a bad person? yes.)

What do you think of when you see the person you like?
something more. ( it should be a sad song, but when it comes to this question, it sounds very WRONG. :DD )

What will you dance to at your wedding?
stay the night. ( this is a cool song. i wanna have this at my wedding. :))) )

What will play at your funeral?
speak now. ( how could they ask me to speak. im DEAD. =.=" )

Biggest fear.
please dont go. ( well, i had face my biggest fear. the one that i love had run away from me. )

Biggest secrets.
i never told you. ( yeah, i will never tell my biggest secrets to anyone. HEE.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

hello goodbye

a day after revelation. this feeling that i had for about a day, is SO FREAKING GREAT man! cant you see the SMILE WIDE BIG AND SHINY smile on my face??? x) like seriously i got it for my third sem? *sem tiga aku ni macam ni, aku tinggal kawan, ade pakwe, gadoh, dahtu break, budak remaja punya masalah lagi, blaja? jangan harap, g kelas macam kelas tu aku yg bayar lecturer bebel kat depan*  unbelievable? believe it DUDE. HEE. well, yesterday, i had so much fun with my sister and Keyda. after all, the nervousness and anxiety to know what i had achieved spoiled it. im stuck in this so called traffic jammed on my way to home *ape ke benda laaaa buat road block tengah tengah nak naik bukit, ingat semua bawak keta salon kaler hijau ke?* then, come to think about it, i have been sitting front of my usable laptop *padahal mouse keyboard semua dah external. =.="* for about 5 hours! haiyo nakkk. penantian satu penyeksaan. ngehh. thennn, after exchanging messages to some of friends that had known their result, i clicked! TADAAAAAAAAA! baik punyaaaaaaa weiiiiii! YA ALLAH. greatest challenge, test from You. i keep on asking Him not to letting me forget Him because of this great achievement. *sudah sudah lah tersesat nye aziemah* then, i logged in my fb account. apparently, i saw tremendous tremendous and LOTS of people praises to Allah for their achievement. sounds they had good result, and i wonder, wheres others? *memang lah budak result bagus o9, HEE. yg okay x okay tu, down ar kat rumah* but i will never beat my superman, DAD, i know you got 3.89999999 for your cgpa. haihhh. cannt challenge lerrrr x)  HEEE. well, i've made this promise with my late friend, *kawan aku banyak yang dah xde. macam kawan kawan kepada kawan aku jugak* i will get 3.7 for this sem, *memang xlah kannnnn* still i can be proud with my result. :) thank you for that support but im sorry i didnt fulfill your promises, * pernah keee? haaaaa* so, overall, ade member yang sedih, down, happy, dah dapat gift daaaaa, :) but me? im still here. :) with my life, lovers. without them, dapat 4 flat pun, i dont think i can be as happy as now. :) 

till then, HELLO KL *for about 2 3 more weeks and BYE BYE UiTM for EVER  :)