Thursday, February 24, 2011

kenapa kerajaan comel sangat?

great headline, bad content, real bad. im getting to know more about my country. the thing is, the deeper i get myself in, the worst it comes to a reality of life and politics in Malaysia. i am not going to tell myself that i become less smart if im talking too much. this isnt about how much you talk, this is all about how much you know and how smart you are when it comes to give your opinion. this isn't about how smart you are 'googling' your self to find the facts, its all about knowledge and common sense.

kenapa kerajaan comel sangat?

1. what is going on with the case of Teoh? kerajaan comel sangat until running over a guy with only related to a case of corruption about rm2000 perhaps. appointing federal judge in royal commission for his case? federal judge that appointed by government itself? where the case itself against the government? it doesnt make any sense. all these BS are too much to know. the late Teoh had been ragged tortured tu xtau la, until the day he wanted to register his marriage. i think this is humiliating to the government. where is the policemen that suppose for at least being there for safety purposes? where are those fellows that took Teoh into custody for questioning about allegation and corruption? ive been taught in class that the judiciary suppose to be independent. this is obviously not independent. this is BS. the law isnt for those to find justice and truth anymore. i guess the law in Malaysia is to make the government look good in winning every cases. i am done with this.

2. election in sarawak and sabah. i am telling you, one day i will become one of those who give the education for next generation about politics in my homeland. i will not make my country be bound by this ruling party anymore. if and only if the government trying to find evidences to get this guy, the one who had been many many years controlling almost everything there? people will shocked on how he had controlling the wealth and profit in sarawak. The real scandal is that Malaysia’s forces of law and order have not long since arrested him and brought him to trial. Taib, well known personality in whole Malaysia, but not in a good way for me. i now realize that he isnt a really good man anyway.

here is the thing, i cant say anything much but i can ask this two questions, and it surely can be answered with common sense.

a. he has the Rolls Royce cars in his garage, one personal and the other owned by the state government. This is a reflection on accounting standards as well in Sarawak.

b. how the Chief Minister of Sarawak can afford a personal Rolls Royce on his monthly salary of RM 20,000 even if he saves all of this as he literally starves to death at his residence in the proverbial rags.
*baru satu example tau, belum benda lain. duit mak bapak aku bayar taxes lagi. xhalal xhalal*

simple, they want to make sure that sarawak will be fully supporting  the ruling party now. the government being so nice to them so that they eventually can win majority seats there. politics. BS.