Thursday, October 28, 2010

Premium Beauty

tidak perlu untuk saya menceritakan lebih lanjut mengenai entry ni. cukup sekadar melihat perubahan dalam gambar di bawah dan anda pasti akan TERPEGUN :DDD

* ni kak nor. baby kenal kak nor dari cah. ni gambar dia sebelum guna corset Premium Beautiful*

 *ni plak kak nor selepas menggunakan corset tu. 7 kilogram boleh hilang mcm tu je dalam masa seminggu*

baby pun pnah jmp kak nor, bagi baby kalau tgk gambar kak nor sekarang memang kira kurus lah niii. baik korang try. DAN, kalau beli dari kak nor, boleh dapat free eyeliner MAC @ eyeshadow @ false eyelashes MAC. 

silalah hubungi Kak Nor pada talian 0129677222 ataupun email her at untuk keterangan lanjut mengenai produk Premium Beautiful. :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010


this time, i just HATE love stories. i just DONT like romantic songs. it reminds me how MISERABLE my love life was. at certain point, i really want to fix it. apparently, i screwed. 

i did fix the ring, but i can't fix the thing. i am sorry. :| 

Monday, October 11, 2010


i just want you to be happy. 

without me. you are great. okay? 

be strong :"D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

sing and song

its raining. as if the day can feel the sadness. uishh. memang menganjing. these few days, im kinda having an so called insomnia. waking up in the middle of night, trying to get back to sleep, but obviously i cant. feeling very deep sorrow and hole in my heart. i wonder what is happening to me. x best la feeling ni. however, there is always things that calm me down. give me strength, and make me feel better every single night. thank god. :)  if i just realize what i didnt. and looking at you, enjoying and love the way i lie. which one should i regret more, i lied, or i blind?  BIG question over there. even i cant bear to hear the radio cause every single songs that i heard, i vividly imagining things that i have been through and relate it to the songs. crap! if there is no life after you, then what life am i going through now? ntah pape la lagu Daughtry ni. my mom always said that, appreciate things front of you. dont think too much about the past. but mom, its the past that created me now. then, 'adek, there is a reason why people in our past do not appear in our present. just wait and see the hikmah'. i wonder why, how, and when i could see it. maybe im giving you too many exception in my life. as such, being the first of so many things in my life. well i cant take it back right? keep it je lah.

but when i heard the song of asking me to fight for the love, it makes me think, just so you know, that youre not alone in this thing, and there is always a part of my heart that you can call home. but why am i feel this way? alone, homeless in anyone's heart? i know why. ive been thinking too much of the sadness rather than cherish great moments and life that i have now. even the club cant handle me right now. watching you watching me i go all out. i do go all out when it comes to this matter, still it doesnt work. i my self cannot stop from thinking of this, after few days came back home, the history of foundation at Kuantan is stick in my mind like glue. dont ask me to forget, cause i dont want to. i had made so much promises that i couldnt remember each and every of it. simply because, i know thats what you wanted to hear. i promise this, promise that, to forget this, forget that, stop doing this, doing that. but we both forget to promise this. love each other until the end of our life, till the last breath of mine. i think we did, but its not being highlighted and written BIG enough in our head. maybe its just me. its only me. you sacrifice a lot, i mean, A LOTTT. i knew that all along. from the beginning of our story, until now. that is why its time for you to think to sacrifice for your self. okay? i cant stop blaming myself. haih. ntah sampai ble. maybe until i can see the happiness in yours. :) haa. now that can makes me happy. :)

maafkan saya. maafkan salah silap saya. maafkan segala kelakuan tutur kata, terasa hati, kesedihan yang dah dialami. jadilah muslim yang soleh. ajal maut xkenal siapa, masa, dan tempat. jadilah yang terbaik dunia akhirat. pastinya mendapat yang terindah kelak. selamat berjuang sahabat. :) *sambil bercakap depan cermin*

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

i pledge

i pledge to be a better person.
i pledge to be more sincere to myself, to the love ones, and to you.
i pledge to not to make the same stupid mistakes ever again.
i pledge to live for Him. 
*sounds easy, very simple to type in, but thats what im gonna do starting from now * 

its been like years i didnt update my blog. well, this is the new one since i forgot my previous password. haish. friend, i really do had a rough long dirty harsh sorrow time and everything in between for almost 2 straight months.pfft. teenage dream konon. thats not happening to me obviously. i really want to explain more in details about what i have been through for that particular period of time. but i just dont know how to start. so, the best solution is, i will update it in my blog here. one of the best medium to express yourself. right? 

honesty is the best policy. i cant agree more on that.  im not being honest to myself, and to others. and it hurts so bad. i know. im not blaming others. its all my fault anyway. but then, it is true that being honest is what people really want? or they just want to hear things that they want to? or they dont really matters about what they will hear, but what they really care about is  me being nice all the time? or even they just being sick of me doing things that they dont like? its like im living for them! god. what a great influence they are to me and how stupid i am being lock up by their words, view, and thoughts. im tough but im weak. i am well-made but strongly infirm. i can t blame them. ive made my decision. and its done. so i have to face the circumstances. enough of others. lets talk about something else. im having quite bad luck in my love life. i can guarantee that. decide. choose. think. right? wrong? good? bad? one thing that i had from all these questionable answer, alone. hmmm. no matter how close you are, how many friends you have, at the end, you will be alone, you'll die alone, you'll sleep alone, you'll nag, talk, seat, pee, alone. its all about you making decision, not you doing the right thing. and i have learned from that mistakes. it hurts man. so bad. i can sure you that. no one knows how i feel, what i think, who i wanted to be with. people may feel that they know, but they didnt really feel the pain. i dont even know thats in their mind either. but what i know is that, im hurting them. im so sorry, deeply sorry, truly sorry friend.

im not good at giving an advice to people, but from what ive been through, be honest, be yourself, be selfish. be brave, be tough. friend. let me give you an example, you want to drink, but you hate water, so you eat, but then youre not hungry, you are full even. how? confuse right? thats me. confusion is the best word to describe myself. i wonder how people can get out from a situation of choosing Ferrari or Audi V8. i need to choose either one, neither both, nor none. can you get that? still, i choose not to choose. again, BIG MISTAKE written right above my head. pfft. i didnt choose but i tend to act like it. and it hurts him a lot. i noticed. look, hear this buddy, i am so messed up. and i make mistakes. i dont think straight. i dont think twice. im reckless. but it doesnt mean that i do it purposely. technically yes, but its not. okay. urghh. im just tired of being someone else that i dont. great. now i didnt even know myself. 

thank god it happened. it makes me think. at last, and at least. its continue. :)