Tuesday, January 18, 2011

real people live in real world with real shit.

its all about money, power, and dignity. its all about love, problems and rationalism. everything relates to politics. corruptions, abusing power, nonindependent of justice, everything about how you can play the game in the world of politicians. being the outsider in a new place makes me realize that its all about accepting the reality of the real world. the freedom, living all alone, feels of being discriminate in our own country teaches me how stupid i am having a thought of mind that there is nothing that I may not seen. as i may think that people who have the same race as me will be the one who will help me. stop thinking that the government had given you everything that you deserved. corruption on billions of ringgits by the ruling parties can develop sarawak into an extremely high standard of the country itself. you know why? dont you think that the land in every parts in sarawak worth billions of ringgit? if and only if the ruling parties sincerely want to develop the country, will there be still the country itself needs other sources of money to develop it? where is the profit that the government gain from the natural resources, petrol, tin, taxes, toll? every useless election made, they will use millions of ringgit to upgrade the roads, transportation and development of education. where is all of the money when the party wins the election? almost 20 years of living as sarawakian, the roads, im telling you roads with the 's' back of it, there are only roads that connect main or crucial areas to one another will be developed. for so many years malaysia celebrate the independent, where is the realistic of having the wealth in own land but still the development is slow and dumb?
federal constitution is a body of rules and regulation that covers all parts of country that protect the rights of bla bla bla. if and only if the role of constitution is definite theoretically, do malaysians even know their rights? freedom to speech, assemble. citizen are allowed to assemble..UNLESS they have the permit from the security forces. for whom the police work for? government. in more than 230 years, the uk amend the law for 30 times. for the great malaysia, almost 54 years of independent, the government amend more than 40 times. how spoil our constitution is now.
i personally wold say that ISA should be used for dangerous people like terrorist. with the power of two third of majority used by the ruling party in a very long period, they amend the ISA in such that they will detained those who are threaten to the country. where is the fair trial? where is the rights of being free to speech? this is all common sense. i can assure you that pulau pinang will never been ruled by any other party except the recent. why? pineng is used to the one of the top 5 best island in the world. where is the title now? the bridge is used since 1985, yet we still need to pay the toll? worst come to worst, the toll fees is getting higher and higher. do they really need that amount of continuously money to cover the price for having a bridge? what is the point of we paying for the road taxes, government taxes every time? a bridge that can handled almost 900,000 of vehicles daily from year to year until now.
tak payah cerita benda yang susah, sebut pasal anwar semua dah tau. ' the standard of proof proof must beyond the reasonable doubt.' kalau betul ini yang dipratikkan dalam badan kehakiman, dah terlalu banyak benda yang boleh disangkal dalam skandal anwar. boleh fikir logik kes ni dah boleh digugurkan. buat apa nak pengesahan liwat sampai 2 3 kali kalau dah memang bukti tak kukuh? boleh fikir kan macam mana? 
bukan pasal bersyukur tak bersyukur, bukan pasal menyebelahi pihak lawan, dan bukan pasal tak puas hati dengan apa yang dah jadi dalam hidup, tapi ini semua logik akal, rasional pemikiran. terlalu banyak benda yang kita pandang dengan sebelah mata. bersyukurnya pasti pada yang ada harta dan kuasa. penuh kebencian dan dendam pastinya pada yang susah dan hanya manusia biasa yang lahir dalam keluarga yang sederhana. guna logik akal, jangan main ikut kata orang dan makan taik sama sama. jangan main tuduh orang lain tak patut buat itu ini sedangkan diri sendiri pun tak tau makna susah, senang, masalah orang lain.
i am malaysian, a pure malay even, this is not what i want for my generation to live with. still, i need to make sure that i am superficial and shallow in mind so that i can now be a typical malaysian after all.

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